"We interviewed a few builders on Orcas Island that had been recommended by our architect. After interviewing Burke Thomas, owner of Woodsong, Inc. construction, we knew we had the right builder. Calls to all the references led to delightful conversations with very happy customers! The choice was clear and we never regretted it. Burke and his crew are highly skilled and take great pride in their craft. There is great integrity of construction and the finishing work is very fine. These guys really know what they're doing! Not only that, they are the nicest folks you could ever run into. Everyone, from the core crew to the subcontractors, is friendly, knowledgeable, and highly skilled. One of the best decisions we have ever made."


Alison Shaw & Derk Jager | Orcas Island, WA

 "When it came time to find a contractor on Orcas Island to build our home we were fortunate enough to be guided by a past client of Woodsong Construction. Being this was our first custom built home we found the building experience extremely enjoyable. Living out of state during the entire building process we were always pleased and impressed with the quality of Woodsong’s work and the integrity of Burke’s crew every time we came up. We felt Burke and his crew of craftsmen constructed our home like they were building this home for themselves. The pride they all took in every detail shows inside and out. Throughout the construction Burke sent us digital photos and detailed emails of the progress, costs, and time frame in every aspect of the construction. We have and would recommend Burke Thomas and Woodsong’s talented, skilled crew to everyone who admires and demands quality craftsmanship in a home like we did."


John and Carolyn Wake | Deer Harbor, WA

 "We became aware of the outstanding reputation of Woodsong, Inc. through discussions with numerous members of the construction industry. Woodsong is held in the highest regard by those knowledgeable of the building trades. We are now working with Woodsong on a second project as a result of the outstanding job they performed on our first dwelling.

 Woodsong has been successful in exceeding our expectations on every aspect of the project. Burke and his staff carefully listened to our design preferences and choices of materials to ensure that our home was built exactly as envisioned. We have been constantly amazed at Woodsong’s attention to detail in the planning phase, thoughtful presentation of options for construction, outstanding quality of workmanship, and beauty of the finished home.

 It was necessary that Woodsong construct our carriage house during a period when we were out of state. Burke and his crew were diligent in keeping us informed of progress and regularly verified our construction preferences throughout the project. We very quickly learned that we could place our entire trust in the Woodsong team and that we had no reason to be concerned about being off-site.

 We have found Woodsong to be staffed by the most professional, trustworthy, and talented craftsmen we could have hoped to find. It is truly easy as well as a pleasure to work with them. We highly recommend Woodsong to anyone wishing to build a dream. Please feel free to call upon us if you would like to speak further regarding the successes we have had working with Woodsong."


Steve & Terry Norsted | Orcas Island, WA

 "Burke Thomas and his crew built our home almost nine years ago. At the time, I was most concerned with quality construction and staying within our budget. Both of these goals were met with excellence. As the years have rolled by, I realize an equally important issue is that our home was built by 'locals'. No matter how well a building is built, over time little repairs or adjustments will need to be made. All these years later, Burke and his loyal crew come right over to adjust whatever is needed. Quickly and cheerfully! An unbelievable bonus of building with a local crew and people we see at the grocery store and at our kids ball games. I can not speak highly enough of my experience with Woodsong, from the first board to many years later. Caring work with integrity and a good splash of laughter."


Betty C | Orcas Island, WA

 "We consider ourselves lucky to have retained Woodsong to build our home on Orcas Island. I would say in terms of quality, the craftsmanship on this project exceeded our highest expectations. More importantly, even today (3 years later) we know we can count on Burke Thomas to help us with whatever we need – large or small, directly related to the house he built – or not. I would tell anyone that if you are going to build in the San Juan Islands, you need to talk to Burke"


Todd R. Patrick| Orcas Island, WA

 "Woodsong and the craftsmen who make up the company are skilled people who built our house on Orcas Island. They treated our job as if it was to be their own home. Understanding what the customer is after and the integrity to perform the work to achieve that goal are inherent in their approach to the job. Burke and Barbara Thomas (owners of Woodsong) provided continuous visibility into job costs versus budget estimates and allowed us flexibility to both arrange our own sub-contractors and perform part of the house construction. They were very helpful at providing cost effective options to maintain the budget we established.

 From the framers to the finish carpenters we found it a pleasure to work with the team of craftsman that makes up Woodsong. They listened to our thoughts on what we wanted to achieve and provided constructive comments and options to achieve those desires.

 Woodsong provided excellent value for the money and as importantly provided a professional and pleasant environment in all phases of building our home.

 Woodsong is a company we are proud to say built our home and without question would recommend them to anyone who desires to work with craftsmen building quality homes.


Steve & Pam Kyle | Deer Harbor, WA

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